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.The Aviarylife App in a nutshell! 

What is the Aviarylife App I hear you say? 

Well, the app is basically a platform through which you can download and read the “app version” of the magazine. It's a virtual bookshelf where, once downloaded, the “app version” issues are kept and accessed. It is the most convenient platform via which smart phone and tablet users can enjoy the mag. And once downloaded you can then access each issue regardless of whether you're online or not (however if offline, then for obvious reasons you cannot access any hot-links incorporated within this version of the mag). Plus, the “app version” of the magazine never gets old and tattered!

Hopefully this helps you to understand what the Aviarylife App is all about and in turn encourages you to give it a go!

So friends, please help us spread the bird word around the globe by downloading the Aviarylife App and rating it for us. It is now available for free download on iPhones and iPads, all Android devices and kindle fire. Your assistance with this will be most appreciated and will help us to promote our wonderful hobby of aviculture throughout the world!